13 Apr Hospital & Pediatric Dentistry with Dr. Don Macrae, West Kelowna Dentist

Sometimes, a regular dental checkup can showcase some unexpected surprises. Even if your child brushes and flosses consistently, sugar bugs can still make an appearance. It can be shocking to discover upon x-ray that there are some deep cavities that require immediate attention; especially when your previous checkups have been perfect! If you have received news that your child requires pediatric dentistry at Summerland Hospital; fear not! Dr. Don is the only non-pediatric specialist within BC’s Interior who has hospital privileges. He has successfully been treating kids under general anesthesia in the hospital since 1993. His friendly manner and attention to detail put everyone at ease. Hospital sedation dentistry is completed two Fridays a month at Summerland Hospital for clients all throughout the Okanagan Valley…rest assured you are not alone and this procedure is more common than you think!

Why General Anesthetic?

Your child has a lifetime of dentist appointments ahead of them. Keeping a positive vibe throughout their first cavity treatments will ensure a healthy dental future. Tiny sugar bugs can easily be treated when your child is awake with topical freezing and a tiny needle. On average, fillings are quick with the precision offered at True Dental in West Kelowna. However, sometimes there are numerous cavities or they are situated close to the nerve. To streamline the process and avoid multiple appointments, True Dental may recommend hospital dentistry under sedation to address these issues in one easy appointment. Minimize dental fear and take care of everything in one easy appointment. Choose to have your child’s cavities treated with Dr. Don and his exceptional team at Summerland Hospital.

Living’ in the Land of Fruit!

Many parents who forbid pop and limit sugary treats are simply horrified to find out that their child has cavities between their back molars or deep within their teeth. True Dental reminds everyone fruit sugars and lactose in milk are frequent culprits. Some people don’t dilute their toddler’s fruit juice or eat tons of fruit gummies and dehydrated fruit snacks. These sticky, natural sugars can wreak havoc on your child’s oral health. Milk and juice in bedtime bottles is especially bothersome as those sugars marinate on your child’s teeth and gums all night. Other people are genetically predisposed to develop cavities even with sugar free diets! The important thing here is for parents not to feel bad. Dr. Don has decades of experience treating these exact issues safely and effectively. We promise you and your child will fondly look back on the entire experience!

Pediatric Dentistry & What to Expect

If your child has been recommended for pediatric surgery at Summerland Hospital, an instruction form will be given to you at the time of booking and placing your deposit at True Dental. This way, you will be fully prepared. Children fast for 12 hours prior and are only to drink water the morning of their surgery. Most pediatric dentistry surgeries are completed first thing in the morning. Bring your favourite stuffy and prepare to enjoy some family snuggle time in the pediatric waiting room. You can get your child up that morning and leave them in their PJs.  Once you arrive at Summerland Hospital you will be warmly welcomed and checked in. The pediatric waiting room has lots of toys and books and a TV to enjoy.

Sleepy Juice

A special drink that tastes like juice will be given to your child in the waiting room approximately an hour prior to surgery to make them relaxed and sleepy. Your child may fall asleep in your arms or become extremely drowsy. When it is your turn, the team will meet you and lead you the operating room doors where you can hand off your sleepy child to Dr. Don and the team. There will be an anesthesiologist, nurses and dental staff from True joining Dr. Macrae in the OR.

Your child is fully monitored and in excellent care throughout this entire process. Mom and Dad can return to the waiting room while surgery is underway. Tim Horton’s and lots of local cafes are within close proximity to the hospital. You will be called back to the recovery room as your child begins waking up. They may initially seem disorientated and need help sitting and standing depending on how groggy they are. Their nose may be tender from the airway tube that was inserted from surgery but this is completely normal. Slowly help your child get dressed and you are all done!

After the Dental Procedure

Once your child wakes up they will immediately feel better. Having the tender areas of their mouths taken care of with surgery means they will be able to eat and speak comfortably once the freezing is out. Prepare to have a relaxing day after surgery. Avoid stairs, trampolines, running and high activity levels for the first 24 hours until the full effects of the anesthesia are gone. Soft foods like soups and smoothies are great choices for their first meal. Be sure to instill proper brushing and flossing techniques in your kids and maintain regular dental checkups at your West Kelowna dentist to stay proactive in your family’s oral health! We look forward to answering any questions or concerns you may have.

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