04 Aug School Starts Soon in the Okanagan: Time to Remove Those Wisdom Teeth

Before school gets back into swing, consider taking the time to get those pesky wisdom teeth removed! They can be a source of many dental issues and complications, so getting them extracted sooner than later will be beneficial to the rest of your smile, and a quicker recovery. We treat countless patients for wisdom teeth removal each year, ensuring the integrity and health of those smiles for decades to come. Our practice prides itself on delivering anxiety-free treatment, with sedation options available to soothe any dental fears that our patients may experience. Our process is guided by the talented hands of our dental team, which are intently focused on creating a relaxing atmosphere and precise operation that will have each patient recover as quickly as possible.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Removal | True Dental

Why Should I Get My Wisdom Teeth Removed in the Okanagan?

There are many reasons, but first and foremost it is a preventive measure against the harm that wisdom teeth can cause to the rest of your teeth and overall health. Due to their location at the farthest reaches of your mouth, maintaining their cleanliness is a challenge to say the least. Cavities are far more common on wisdom teeth than other teeth in general.  

If the tooth is impacted, meaning it gets blocked as it begins to erupt from the gum line, it can cause all sorts of nasty side-effects. Primarily, damage to other teeth or decay from trapped bacteria are the foremost concerns, but it can go as far as cysts or permanent damage as a result of the impacted tooth’s inability to grow properly.

It is fair to say that not all wisdom teeth need to be removed, however for more than two thirds of patients it will be recommended that they are, as it is rare that wisdom teeth grow in without complication, and even more rare that they remain stable without affecting the overall oral health. It is better to have them removed at a young age, as the bone is less dense, the root is not fully developed, and you will have a considerably faster recovery time than later in life.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Removal | True Dental

Advantages to Wisdom Tooth Removal in West Kelowna

Well, you get to eat your favourite soft foods while in recovery! But seriously, the time goes by fast while you sip on a smoothie or eat pudding by the spoonful for a week or so. Your mouth will be thankful that the pressure of your third molars has disappeared, relieving the aches and pains that have been ongoing during their growth. You can expect your overall oral health to improve as well, now that there is nowhere for food and bacteria to hide away out of sight. Ultimately, it is a good idea for most people to get this done sooner than later, enjoying the benefits of an uncrowded smile.

Give True Dental a call at (778) 755-2577 for your wisdom tooth extraction before school starts! In the Okanagan, we are your source for reliable tooth removal that will get your smile back on the path to success!