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10 Nov Silver Diamine Fluoride: Revolutionizing Cavity Treatment in the Okanagan

Silver Diamine Fluoride is a new option for True Dental clients preventing cavity spread and stopping dental caries in their tracks. While this impressive substance, known as SDF for short, has been used for over 900 years in Japan and throughout decades of dentistry all over  the world, it has recently received FDA approval in North America. Non-invasive and an excellent option for young kids, the elderly and clients with hypersensitivity issues, this product is a welcome game changer for treating cavities.

What Is Silver Diamine Fluoride?

Silver has long been hailed with antimicrobial properties and fluoride is commonly used to prevent tooth decay and protect the teeth. Silver Diamine Fluoride is primarily made from these two ingredients. Stopping caries from progressing by arresting the decay can be extremely beneficial for approved candidates. Silver Diamine Fluoride is only viable in certain applications, and at True Dental, we provide the best options for your individual case. The main issue with SDF is the black discolouration that occurs once Silver Diamine Fluoride comes into contact with the cavity and its’ ability to stain surfaces. Therefore, it is typically not used on front teeth or those extremely visible when smiling but more often for back molars and less visible cavities. However, the expert staff at True Dental can apply a white composite filling material or a glass ionomer filling over top to maintain a pleasant aesthetic.

How It Is Applied

Clients will be protected as usual with their dental bib and special sunglasses to keep their eyes safe. The tooth surface will be cleaned and isolated to ensure that the liquid Silver Diamine Fluoride solution is only applied specifically to the cavity area. The professional, caring team at True Dental will remind clients that this product can potentially stain their clothes and temporally discolour their gums if they move around during the procedure. Everything will be explained ahead of application to ensure the best results. Deep cavities near the root system of the tooth will not be able to sustain this specific treatment. It is ideal however for surface cavities and those caught in their infancy.

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