18 Oct 5 Common Myths About Braces for Teeth That Simply Aren’t True

When it comes to discussing braces for your teeth, there are a number of myths floating around. It can sometimes be difficult to separate the truth from the myth, so we’re here to set the record straight.

Myth #1 – Once my braces come off, my teeth will be straight forever!

This claim is partially true. After having your braces removed, you will get a retainer that, if worn as instructed, will help keep your teeth straight. However, if you do not wear it properly, it’s possible for your teeth to shift and move out of alignment.

Myth #2 – I’m too old for braces

This is false! You can get braces at any age to help you achieve a beautiful smile. Orthodontic specialists regularly treat adult patients!

Myth #3 – Orthodontists only offer metal braces for teeth

False! While metal braces remain a popular option, clear braces are becoming more common and are a great alternative. After your assessment, your orthodontist will advise you regarding the best options for achieving your perfect smile and the costs involved.

Myth #4 – Braces are painful

While this is sometimes said to scare people, it’s definitely not true. Braces can get uncomfortable at times, especially right after the adjustment period, but once you get used to your braces you will forget they are even there.

Myth #5 – Braces are expensive

Although this may be true to some people, every individual case is different and may need various levels of care. Because of this, prices may vary as well. Many clinics offer complimentary consultations and have flexible payment plans to help with the overall costs of braces for teeth.

If these myths have been holding you back from getting braces, now might be the opportunity to take the first step in achieving your perfect smile.


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