Two young women smiling after getting aesthetic dentistry done

10 May Everything You Need to Know About Aesthetic Dentistry

While normal dentistry is meant to improve your oral health and quality of life, aesthetic dentistry can make you feel more confident about your smile. In other words, aesthetic dentistry focuses more on how your smile looks than the actual health of your mouth and teeth. That being said, some procedures can accomplish both improving your oral health and make your smile look even better as well.

Common Procedures of Aesthetic Dentistry

Teeth Whitening

Easily one of the most common and popular procedures, teeth whitening can be done relatively quickly and produces some of the most noticeable differences in the appearance of your smile. During this operation, your teeth are whitened through a special type of bleaching agent that is applied to your teeth. Don’t worry, your mouth will be protected during the operation so you don’t accidentally swallow it or have any damage done to your mouth.

Reshaping and Bonding Teeth

Sometimes teeth take a page out of Dracula and grow into sharp fangs or other weird ways. In those cases, reshaping or bonding teeth can be done to not only make your smile look better, but also reduce any discomfort or pain associated with any issues those teeth are causing you.

Reshaping can change the position, shape, or length of teeth that are too long or crooked. Bonding, on the other hand, involves using an enamel-like material as fillings, tooth cement, or as a bonding agent for veneer creation.

Dental bridge

Dental Bridging

Bridging is essentially just mini-dentures as dental bridges are fake teeth supported by healthy teeth on either side of them when teeth are missing. They are made to match your mouth perfectly so they can fully complete a smile and so you can still eat food effectively.

Teeth Straightening

Lastly, your teeth can be straightened to enhance your smile even further. The most common way to do this is through braces, but options like Invisalign (which uses a series of aligners to straighten teeth) are also popular.

Although many people just associate aesthetic dentistry with teeth whitening, there are actually many procedures that fall under the banner that can help you get a better smile you want to show off.



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