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06 Jul Relief for Chronic Pain: Botox Treatment is Available at True Dental

There is a new treatment in dentistry, and it comes as a surprise to those who have only known its uses as a wrinkle remover. Botox has been progressing steadily as a treatment for health conditions just as much as its already established cosmetic uses. By blocking the signals between the nerves and the muscles, Botox relaxes the muscles, reducing contractions. This has the effect of “releasing” wrinkles that have been caused by muscle contraction, but the reason Botox is seeing a rise in the medical community is due to its ability to reduce the symptoms of chronic migraine sufferers, and those with temporomandibular-related disorders (TMDs). Both of these medical conditions may be untreatable for some patients, so having options, such as Botox, to relieve the pain caused by these disorders is a welcomed addition. This is all in addition to the traditional cosmetic uses that Dr. Jeff and Dr. Ersilia provide at True Dental.

Botox Treatments - Dental TMJ Headache | True Dental

Finding Relief for TMJ Pain at True Dental in West Kelowna

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is a highly specialized and unique joint in the human body. Our jaws are able to move in all directions because of the TMJ, however this comes at a cost – many different problems can arise that result in pain at the TMJ. Among these, both bruxism, also known as teeth grinding, and orthodontic work can affect your TMJ. Sometimes jaw injuries or joint disease will cause inflammation at the joint, this too may lead to a disorder. There are many more causes of issues around the TMJ, so finding a treatment may be difficult for sufferers. Resolving the root cause is not always possible depending on what that cause is. If you are experiencing chronic pain and are unable to find relief through treatment, Botox can alleviate some of the symptoms of temporomandibular disorder (TMD). Botox works in these cases by weakening the masseter chewing muscle through injection. When Botox has been administered to the muscle it relaxes, hopefully offering relief from the symptoms of TMJ.

Botox Treatments - Dental TMJ Headache | True Dental

Experiencing Chronic Migraines in the Okanagan? True Dental is Here to Help

For patients with tension-caused migraines, Botox may work in a similar way to TMDs discussed above. Both Dr. Ersilia and Dr. Jeff offer these treatments at our offices. Again, Botox is administered to the muscles that are related to tension-caused headaches. In doing so, the muscle relaxes, changing the force of stress that bring about some migraines. By using the available medical treatments for chronic sufferers, True Dental is equipped and qualified to aid you in finding relief.

At True Dental, we develop a personalized treatment plan that will attempt to resolve the pain you may be experiencing. Depending on your specific situation, True Dental may recommend Botox as a viable treatment to reduce the symptoms associated with chronic migraines or TMJ-related issues. If you are interested in the cosmetic applications of Botox, schedule an appointment at our offices to discuss the possibilities!

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