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12 Mar 5 Cavity Prevention Tips from Your Dentist

Cherishing your smile and enjoying a healthy mouth can be easier than you think. True Dental in West Kelowna is always excited to see our clients and determine if their oral health and wellbeing is being top-notch. Our friendly team has some great tips to keep your smile sensational and free from those nasty sugar bugs.

1. Visit the Dentist Regularly!

One of the best ways you can protect your grin is by keeping your regular dental checkup appointments with us. Many clients visit every six months on average; however, some may be more frequent due to periodontal disease or other health concerns.

We encourage our clients never to hesitate if something new or uncomfortable arises within their oral cavity. Any acute (sudden) or chronic (long-term) pain, sensitivity or discomfort needs to be addressed upon discovery to ensure if there is bacteria involved. It is imperative that we can remove it prior to spreading and becoming more of an issue elsewhere in your mouth or body.

2. Eat Foods that Naturally Fight Tooth Decay

There are certain foods that offer protection to our pearly whites. Incorporating some into every meal can be a tremendous help. The following foods will help fight biofilm and plaque from wreaking havoc on your smile. Some of our favourite teeth strengthening foods include:


Cheese, Bok Choy, Brazil nuts, yogurt, dairy, almonds and canned fish with bones are among the top options for calcium rich foods.

Whole Grains, Veggies and Fiber:

Rich in iron, magnesium and B vitamins, whole grains can help keep your gums healthy, which directly affect your teeth. Excellent sources include brown rice, whole-grain pasta, breads and cereals. High fiber foods encourage saliva flow. Our saliva bathes our teeth with protective minerals and helps to flush particles away from our gum line. Stock up on your bran, peas, peanuts and Brussels sprouts.

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3. Avoid Sugary Drinks

Something as simple as switching your beverage routine can dramatically help you protect your precious smile. We recommend limiting your intake of sugary drinks, but if you do drink them, use a straw to minimize the contact of sugary substances against the enamel of your teeth. Even natural fruit juices have a tremendous amount of acid and fructose that can cause damage. Energy drinks also lead to tooth decay because of the high concentration of acid that destroys tooth enamel. The best way to protect your teeth is to avoid sugary and energy drinks as much as possible. 

4. Protect Deep Grooves in Teeth with Dental Sealants

As part of our dental health assessment, we may recommend protecting certain molars and deep grooves with dental sealants. This is a fast, easy and painless procedure. Our team simply cleans and prepares the surface of the tooth, applies the dental sealant and uses a UV light to bond the substance to your tooth.

You can eat and drink regularly afterwards without any fear of having decay causing bacteria becoming trapped. Dental sealants are mostly commonly applied to children and teens. They provide an excellent preventative measure for children and teens as they age. 

5. Use a Tongue Scraper as Part of Brushing, Flossing & Swishing Routine

Our caring team of dental professionals at True Dental encourages clients not to forget about their tongue during brushing, flossing and swishing routines. It is amazing how much bacteria can hide on your tongue and transfer to your teeth and gums. It is estimated that approximately 80% of the bacteria in our mouths resides on our tongue.

Brushing your tongue with your toothbrush does help remove a significant portion of the bacteria; however, take cleaner, fresher breath to the next step with a tongue scraper (or some rely on using a spoon or the ridges on the back of certain toothbrushes), to dramatically help your breath and overall oral health.

Always make sure to spit and rinse the sink well. Finish with a final swish of mouthwash. Clean your toothbrush and tongue scraper with hot water and let them air dry to prevent further bacterial growth.

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