25 Oct Dentist Approved Winter School Snacks for West Kelowna Kids

Your favourite West Kelowna dentist team at True Dental cares about what you pack in your children’s lunches. The choices you make directly affect your child’s oral, physical and emotional health. According to Claudia Lemay, a Registered Dietician in Vancouver, it’s impossible to negotiate the nutritional value anything unless you scour the nutrition panel. While vitamins and daily doses of Vitamin C are commonly advertized, what actually sounds healthy can be ultimately deceiving once you take the sugar, saturated fats and hydrogenated oils into consideration.

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Beware of False Advertising!

When your child’s favourite granola bar is nutritionally equivalent to a chocolate bar it is easy to see how daily consumption can wreak havoc on everyone’s oral health. Similarly, most parents feel good about sending yogurt drinks in lunches; however, beware that up to 6.5 teaspoons of sugar are masquerading as a healthy snack….equivalent to a milkshake made with real ice cream!


Dentist Approved Snack Options for Children and Families

  • Babybel Cheese or Cheese Strings: Offer a great source of protein and calcium to increase focus and energy. Available in numerous flavours and fun to open!
  • Homemade Potato Chips: Use your oven on low or a food dehydrator to create your own delicious recipes. The largest portion of your cheese grater makes slicing simple. This is a tasty way to avoid hydrogenated oils and excess salt found in typical chips.
  • Hummus and Crackers or Carrot Sticks: Make your own hummus easily in your blender or purchase your favourite flavour from the store. This high protein, low fat option is perfect building immunity as well thanks to the delicious garlic factor!
  • Rice Balls: Excellent to make ahead of time and a great way to incorporate veggies and the meat from last nights’ supper!
  • Pita Pin Wheels: Add some colour and excitement to their lunches and yours by using whole grain pitas, cream cheese and veggies. Jam and cream cheese is another great option. Have fun building them together, rolling them up and cutting into whimsical and tasty wheels.
  • Whole Wheat Banana Bread: Simply changing the flour you bake with can instantly increase your fibre content and lower the glycemic index of your favourite baked goods. Try substituting with rice, spelt or kamut flour if you prefer a gluten free option.
  • Greek Yogurt with Your Own Fruit Topping: Calcium is hugely vital for strong teeth and bones. Unfortunately, most of us are not getting enough in our diet. Send some plain Greek yogurt along with some frozen blueberries, strawberries or canned pineapple to enjoy a sweet treat with less sugar. For additional inspiration, check these great sources out:
    Huffingtonpost.ca | Healthy snacks


Meal Planning Can Save You from Poor Impulse Decisions

At True Dental in West Kelowna, we see sugar bugs on a daily basis. Educating our patients in all facets of oral health is something we have been passionate about since day one. Leaving lunches and after school snacks for the kids until the last minute often leaves you making less than ideal choices. For more awesome and easy lunch and snack ideas, check out the following:
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