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09 Jan Why Fastbraces® Are Leaving Traditional Braces In the Dust

Fastbraces® relies on new techniques to transform smiles in record time. Clients, True Dental dentists and staff are amazed at how fast the entire process of straightening teeth has become.

Often, the braces are worn for half of the time that traditional braces take. With many people self-conscious about their smile and orthodontic treatment in general, this option has proved to be a welcome plan for those who qualify.

Overcrowding, Gaps & Crooked Teeth Meet Your Match

This system starts correcting teeth from the very first day. Traditional braces focus on moving the crown into its new position and the root subsequently follows suit.

With Fastbraces®, the entire tooth is treated at the same time, drastically reducing overall treatment time. True Dental in West Kelowna is excited to deliver you the healthy, radiant and straight smile you have been waiting for!

Triangular Brackets & Heat Activated Wire Increase Movement Speed

You will notice that the shape of the brackets is not square like traditional braces but triangular instead. This activates all components of the tooth much faster and encourages repositioning of the crown and the root simultaneously.

The heat-activated wire enables the triangular brackets to create more space between the individual brackets, increasing the wire flexibility. This system allows the root portion of the tooth to relocate in an upright position while the crown of the tooth additionally changes position.

The Fastbraces® before and after pictures document a variety of dramatic smile journeys.

Dentists Proudly Providing Fastbraces® Technology in Kelowna

Fastbraces® are suitable for adults and children. Fastbraces® can help you achieve the straight, healthy and easy to clean smile you crave. This affordable, streamlined ortho can reduce your time in braces.

Book your consultation at True Dental today to determine if this is the best type of orthodontic option for your individual case. Dr. Don Macrae is a general dentist practicing orthodontic therapy in West Kelowna and Peachland.

True Dental’s Consultation Process

The caring and friendly team of dentists True Dental in West Kelowna will take X-Rays and conduct a thorough oral health exam to analyze your bite. Once your specific orthodontic requirements have been determined, we will have all of the information we need to see if Fastbraces® technology is suitable for your smile.

Many conditions including overcrowding issues and gaps between teeth can easily be addressed with Fastbraces®.  The consultative process enables us to answer any questions or concerns you may have and to discuss your smile in depth. Clients can visually see their proposed new smile and feel excited about starting treatment. Some clients will be referred to pursue other modes of orthodontic treatment depending on the severity of their case.

Straight teeth offer much more than a boost of self-esteem. Straight teeth are healthier, easier to floss, brush and maintain. An aligned teeth and jaw are vital for maximizing your capacity for chewing, talking and communicating.

Your Weekly #Selfies Will Make You Grin!

True Dental dentists encourages clients to document their journey with Fastbraces® as it will be over before you know it! Fastbraces® offer excellent value for money, and shorter treatment times that means less orthodontic visits and less time with metal in your mouth!

Clients will be able to preserve their natural bite and optimize the function and longevity of their smile.

We will be happy to discuss your personal smile details when we see you next!

If 2018 is the year for your smile, we can’t wait to work with you and deliver the results you desire.

Call True Dental in West Kelowna today and book your orthodontic consultation or regular dental checkup!