Dentist helping patient overcome dental anxiety

20 Aug How to Overcome Your Fears of the Dentist

While going to the dentist isn’t exactly a favourite pastime or experience of many people, for some, it’s much worse. Whether it’s from bad or traumatic past experiences or simple fears, dental anxiety can prevent people from going to the dentist, even when they need help the most. However, dental anxiety can be conquered. We detail several ways to teach you how to overcome dental anxiety so going to the dentist feels no different than any other business appointment.

How to Overcome Dental Anxiety: Find the Right Dentist

While it may be more convenient, going to the dentist that’s closest to your work may not be the best idea if they’re not equipped to handle dental anxiety. Instead, look up all the dentists in your area, and find out which dental offices have trained staff and tech that can help get you through your dental anxiety. Consider even talking to some of the dentists about how they can help you.

Ask About Tech

Speaking of dental tech, while you’re researching dental offices, make sure to ask about any TVs or music options they may have available. They are great for focusing your attention and helping you relax so the dentist can work on your mouth more easily.

Dentist helping patient experiencing dental anxiety stay calm

Go With a Friend or Family Member

It may sound silly, but like going to the doctor, you don’t have to go alone. Instead, go with a friend or family member you’re close with. They can hold your hand and help keep you calm while you get any dental work done. Having them just be there may be its own comfort knowing someone is there if you need them.

Ask Your Dentist About Sedation

If you have more severe dental anxiety, you may be able to get some sedation while your oral health is being taken care of. Depending on the procedure, you may even be able to be completely knocked out so when you wake up all your dental work has been done!

Ask Questions

If understanding what and why the dentist or hygienist is doing something helps reduce your anxiety, feel free to ask them. They do this for a living after all and can explain why certain actions need to be done to keep your teeth healthy and strong.

Take Breaks

Finally, understand your limits when it comes to any dental anxiety you may have. Let the dentist or hygienist know you need to take small breaks when you need to so you can stay calm and not elevate your anxiety further.

It can be challenging to overcome dental anxiety, but by finding out what helps keep you calm, getting the support you need, and going to a dental clinic that can help you work through it you can get the dental work you need done without worry.



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