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06 Sep Revamp Your Smile at Any Age with Invisalign from True Dental, West Kelowna

To straighten or not to straighten…that is the question!

True Dental in West Kelowna wants to help you realize your healthiest and happiest smile. Many people think that orthodontic treatment is strictly for aesthetic benefits; however, that is simply not the case. When any portion of your mouth and teeth are misaligned, compromises are constantly being made; often leading to uncomfortable and potentially damaging consequences. Let us help you attain the smile you have been dreaming about with invisible, affordable Invisalign clear retainers.

Straight Teeth Deliver Your Healthiest Smile

Crooked teeth, overcrowding and misaligned jaw issues can dramatically affect one’s health in a variety of ways. Besides affecting self-confidence and providing ample places for biofilm and plaque bacteria to hang out, an improper bite can cause your teeth to become damaged due to wearing away perfectly good enamel. Headaches, jaw pain and TMD or Temporomandibular disorder can often become eliminated after successful orthodontic treatment. Those who decide not to correct their jaw and tooth alignment issues can suffer from poor digestion and a greater likelihood of damaging protruding teeth. Enamel can become chipped, weakened or destroyed over time and this can cause otherwise healthy teeth to lose their integrity.

Invisible, Easy, Affordable and Comfortable in the Okanagan

Invisalign clear aligners are ideal for those who wish for wire-free orthodontics. Traditional braces are much more visible. Clients who have put off straightening their smile for fear of looking like a teenager can rest assured. Conversely, teenagers who require braces may prefer Invisalign Teen options as opposed to traditional braces. Imagine never having to worry about having food stuck in your brackets, uncomfortable cuts within your mouth or potential staining underneath regular braces. Invisalign eliminates all of these issues.

Invisalign - Orthodontics | West Kelowna Dentist

Client Complacency is Vital for Your Successful Smile

The experienced and friendly team at True Dental reminds clients that the Invisalign aligners must be worn 22 to 23 hours a day to obtain the best results. The removable trays are only taken out during meal times and while brushing, flossing and swishing. They need to be worn consistently in order to correctly facilitate the treatment. Those who cannot commit to keeping track of their appliances and wearing them for the required amount of time may be better off with traditional braces that are fixed in place. Those who consider wearing their Invisalign aligners on a part time basis only (during bedtime for example), will dramatically slow their progress and not receive the results they are seeking. However, those who do follow the 22-23 recommended hours will be simply amazed at how fast their teeth shift into place.

Savvy Technology Allows You to Visualize Your New Smile

Our dentists use state-of-the-art technology to show clients their end result during the consultation process. After X-Rays are taken along with a thorough oral exam, we can actually estimate what your new smile will look like and determine how many trays your treatment will take. Clients are always excited to watch the computer software unveil their new smile. This enables the ability to forecast their progress and catch a glimpse of their future smile. What better inspiration for wearing your Invisalign aligners once they are arrive?! We have the knowledge, experience and positive atmosphere to make your smile wishes become reality.

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