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07 Feb West Kelowna’s IV Sedation Solutions for Dental Anxiety

Putting off your biannual dental visits out of fear is never a wise idea. There are a multitude of items we are checking off to ensure your oral health is its’ utmost condition. From palpating your tongue and salivary glands to conducting oral cancer screening, visiting True Dental every six months is a vital part of your complete healthcare.

Patients, who have a fear of the dentist or suffer from dental anxiety however, may not be coming as often as recommended. This can lead to longer and more involved dentist visits if you have let a minor issue go untreated. Why take the chance of having a simple cavity morph into a root canal simply because you tried to ignore it? True Dental in West Kelowna offers a variety of safe sedation solutions to help you ease your discomfort and minimize your fear.

Are You A Candidate For Sedation Solutions? 

Some patients feel very uneasy with the common sounds that permeate a dental office. Those with severe dental anxiety may even have their gag reflex triggered from the noises emitted by dental tools. Patients with TMD may have difficulty keeping their jaw open for extended periods and become anxious about oral fatigue.

Other people require a significant amount of dental work and prefer to have it completed in as few visits as possible; therefore, they undergo longer appointments. People have different pain thresholds and may have had a previous experience where they were not as frozen as they should have been. All of these common circumstances can lead to fear of upcoming dental visits. True Dental wants you to know that you do not have to fear coming to visit us ever again!

Overcoming Your Dental Challenges

The first step is to communicate your fears with us so that we can explain how and why this appointment will be a different and more positive experience. There is no shame in being honest about how you feel. Trust us…we have seen and heard it all! A great deal of dental anxiety stems from the fear of the unknown.

We believe in educating our patients and involving them throughout the procedure to quash any fears. You will often see our pediatric patients holding mirrors and watching themselves receive their filling or holding and controlling their suction. Involving patients throughout the visit and explaining what is about to happen next leaves no scary surprises, unknown noises or unexpected situations. We know that dental visits will last each patient’s lifetime and we strive to make every visit exceptional!

Conscious IV Sedation at True Dental

Imagine being happily reclined in the dentists’ chair without any care in the world. Conscious IV sedation provides you with deep relaxation. Patients are awake during the procedure, but they experience very little recollection of their appointment (or don’t remember it at all!) once sedation is provided. Peace of mind is yours to behold and you will be finished before you even know it!

To ensure safety, patients must arrange for transportation home and for someone to aid in their care for 24 hours after their IV Sedation appointment. Our professional and caring team offers a variety of sedation solutions. We are happy to discuss your upcoming procedure and recommend which type of conscious sedation technique will be best suited. Feel free to call us ahead of your appointment if you have any questions or concerns.

True Dental proudly transforms dental dilemmas and dental fears one patient at a time! Book your appointment with True Dental today.