Smiling adult man getting his teeth straightened in Kelowna with braces

23 Sep The Most Common Ways of Straightening Your Smile

With significant advancements in dental technology that’s been made over the years, no one has to be stuck with a smile they’re not happy with anymore. There are a multitude of ways to get teeth straightening done in Kelowna or elsewhere.

Below, we detail some of the main ways you can professionally straighten your teeth to get a smile you can’t help but show off.

Choose From a Variety of Braces

Braces haven’t gone away since they’ve been invented, but they have been greatly improved. They now fit in people’s mouths better, are designed to be as painless as possible, and are adjusted more frequently to ensure your smile is moving into place.

The amount of metal in your mouth has been reduced greatly and you can even change the look of them as well. They now come in a variety of colours to pick from for you to express yourself.

If none of that is your speed, that’s okay. There are now both clear and ceramic braces to better blend in with the colour of your teeth to make it look much less obvious you’re sporting a set of braces.

Teen girl using Invisalign to straighten teeth in Kelowna

Kelowna Teeth Straightening: Consider Trying Invisalign

Aligners have been around for a while, but it has only been in the past few years with the improvement of 3D printing and imaging technology that has made them an easy, affordable choice.

One of the dental product businesses that have grown from this is Invisalign. The company offers a series of clear, removable, plastic aligners to shift your teeth into place.

People often shy away from braces due to their look, but Invisalign’s aligners are designed to be as discrete and invisible as possible so people are still able to have photos taken for special occasions without the traditional look of braces or other aligners or retainers.

In addition to professional orthodontic treatment, there are plenty of store-bought solutions, but we recommend talking to a dentist or orthodontist before you pursue any of those options.



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