07 Jan Start 2019 Right With A West Kelowna Dental Examination from True Dental

New Year, new you! Happy 2019 from everyone at True Dental in West Kelowna. We hope that you had a marvelous holiday and enjoyed the magic of the season. January is the perfect time to book your upcoming dental examination. Starting your family’s dental checkups at the beginning of the year gives you ample time to maximize your 2019 dental benefits. Oftentimes, during a regular dental exam, we find ways to be proactive with caring for your smile. After all, it is much better to stop decay in its’ tracks and amend your dental restorations before they become a more severe issue. Your favourite Okanagan dental team wants to help you maximize your 2019 dental benefits!

Your Dental Examination Is Vital To Your Health

There is much more than your teeth, gums and tongue that come into play during your dental examination. We palpate underneath your tongue and check your oral mucosa for lumps, bumps, lesions and inflammation. Visual indications including white patches, red spots and discolouration can indicate bacteria, oral cancer or other issues that require attention. Your favourite West Kelowna dentist has the smile solutions you need in order to be proud to show off your grin! We are always happy to discuss the best options for your individual requirements. Taking care of your oral hygiene affects much more than your breath! Keep your cardiovascular system and the rest of your body free from harmful biofilm and plaque bacteria by ensuring every surface of your teeth and gums has been thoroughly cleaned multiple times a day with proper brushing and flossing technique


Cosmetic Dentistry West Kelowna

Is this the year your smile radiates and showcases a healthy vibe? True Dental has everything you need under one roof to improve your oral health and wellbeing. Custom dental crowns, dental implant bridges, single dental implants, teeth whitening solutions, reducing sensitivity and orthodontic therapy are yours to behold. After a thorough dental examination, we can outline the secrets to your smile success. Perhaps, everything is great and you are seeking more of a preventative maintenance option such as having a custom night guard made to stop your nightly grinding and Bruxism symptoms. Alternatively, this could be the year for a complete smile overhaul! We believe in offering our clients the facts so that an informed decision can be made. We want you to be proud to show off the smile you work so hard to maintain. Dental technology is continually evolving. If your dental restoration is ready for replacement, we have the lasting solutions you are hoping to find! Book your consultation with us today!

Orthodontics For Any Age

Symmetry, a healthy bite and proper jaw function are key aspects behind orthodontic therapy. One crooked tooth or simple over-crowding can throw your entire smile out of whack. Not to mention misaligned teeth are much harder to care for and prone to more decay. True Dental offers traditional braces, and are one of the few dentists affiliated with Invisalign and Turbo FastBraces. Discover your best ortho options and see the potential hiding within your smile! Crooked dentition can wreak havoc on surrounding teeth. Sometimes, clients are unintentionally causing themselves more enamel damage and wear and tear by not amending their situation. TMD and painful jaw disorders, constant headaches, facial pain, earaches and more can often disappear once the underlying cause such as jaw misalignment is amended.


Book Your 2019 Dental Examination For the Family Today At True Dental

Our cheerful and bright office space is a reflection of the passionate team that works here! We adore kids and clients of all ages at our family-friendly dental clinic. We believe that visiting the dentist should be fun and educational, regardless of your age. Clients are much less anxious and capable of taking better care of their teeth once they understand their oral health. Never hesitate to ask us any questions or concerns at your appointment or call us to check in. Please bring your updated medical history to your next appointment so we can ensure your files are up to date. We look forward to celebrating a new year alongside our favourite clients! Book your dental appointment today and let’s start the new year off right! See you soon!