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14 Feb Showing Sugar Bugs Who’s Boss this Valentine’s Day in West Kelowna

Most of us enjoy a treat from time to time. Thanks to extensive marketing over the past few decades…Valentine’s Day has come to rival Halloween in terms of sugar consumption. True Dental in West Kelowna wants you to enjoy a happy, healthy smile all year long. Indulging in some extra chocolate or sweets on occasion is okay if you ensure you are proactive in your oral health.

Brushing at 45 Degrees

As with many things in life, technique is everything! Simply using a toothbrush in a half hazard manner will leave you missing a tremendous amount of biofilm and plaque bacteria in your mouth. Utilizing your toothbrush at the proper angle provides a clean sweep along your delicate gum line. The space between your teeth and gums known as the gingival sulcus can become plugged with food debris which can quickly turn to tartar if left unattended. Electric toothbrushes and varying your brush strokes can help loosen and remove any food particles or hiding sugar bugs.

Flossing Cleans 1/3 of Your Teeth! Don’t Miss Out!

Besides ensuring a radiant and clean mouth, True Dental recommends flossing on a daily basis for a multitude of reasons. That tiny space between each tooth drastically equates to 1/3 of your tooth surface! Skipping out on the flossing is never a good plan. With so many flossing products on the market nowadays, it is simple to incorporate flossing during commercial breaks on TV or spark some friendly competition in your home and keep a daily chart for the kids to offer some inspiration.

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Keep Your Mouth Kissable and Fresh Everyday 

The inviting team at True Dental loves to see you for your regular checkups. If you are experiencing anything out of the ordinary, bleeding gums, dental pain, tooth staining or a sore jaw you suspect from grinding your teeth; we can help! Don’t hesitate to call our friendly office in between your 6 month checkups if anything uncomfortable arises. Time is of the essence when dealing with plaque bacteria. Our dedicated crew will do our best to fit you in and have a look right away. Dental pain is impossible to ignore since we need to eat and drink on a daily basis. It is common for minute dental issues to be too tricky for the human eye to pick up. This is why Dr. Don MacRae, Dr. Jeff Krawchuk and many of our dentists utilize their super-hero dental goggles to achieve a closer inspection when needed. Know that you are in excellent hands with West Kelowna’s favourite dental team at True Dental.

Be Kind to Your Smile this Valentine’s Day and All Year 

It is possible to think outside of the box and still enjoy some healthy, sweet delights this Valentine’s Day or any time you are craving dessert. Get creative with some fruit kabobs, strawberry lady bugs or some berry smoothies. Send your kid to school with salt-dough pendants, colour changing pencils or homemade bookmarks for the class instead of more sugar-laden, tummy-aching treats. If champagne and wine are a part of your celebration, ensure you brush, floss and swish before bed as alcohol is full of sugar. It is harmful to fall asleep after any indulgence without the proper oral care. This can easily become a bad habit and before you know it, sugar bugs are whooping it up on a nightly basis. Stop the madness before it starts! True Dental in West Kelowna can help you take care of your smile.

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