07 Sep Taking your Oral Hygiene on Vacation

Getting away from it all is great for your health. Incorporating some time to chill from your intensely busy schedule is definitely a must. However, don’t take a vacation from your oral health at the same time! Even a few late nights of missing out on brushing and flossing can have detrimental effects on your smile and the wellbeing of your mouth. Don’t let the sugar bugs invade while you are maxing and relaxing by following these simple tips:


Staying Organized: Investing In a Decent Toiletry Bag

Whether you are packing up your camper or jet-setting across the globe; it will be much easier to maintain your oral care while away if you are organized. Many travel cases are simply too compact to fit your favourite dental hygiene items.  The basics to pack include:

*Expanding Dental Floss (the best floss product for effectively removing plaque and the most effective to use before bedtime)

*A New Toothbrush (packing an extra is always wise)

*Floss Picks (ideal for day trips and having in your purse/glove box/travel cooler)

*High Quality Swish (Colgate Total or something similar)

*High Quality Toothpaste (we recommend using a good fluoride toothpaste)

*Don’t forget your mouth guard or dental appliance and your carrying case if you use one or are travelling to play high-contact sports 


Keep Your Toothbrush Aerated and Bacteria Free

Jumbling everything into a Ziploc baggie or some other non-breathable container is less than ideal. Your toothbrush is continually damp and needs the opportunity to air out in order to prevent disgusting bacteria build-up which can be detrimental to your mouth. This is why most toothbrush travel cases have minute holes drilled into them. Invest in a protective case that lets moisture escape.


Maintain a Your Oral Health Schedule On the Road

If you can’t live without your waterpik or electric toothbrush, bring it with you. If you have upgraded your oral hygiene routine to include some devices, pack accordingly. Once many patients make the switch from manual to electronic or battery powered oral care, they often have a hard time returning to old school. Everyone is unique. Some love to splurge on trendy, compact new travel care items. This can work out well for certain individuals. However, if you are addicted to your intensively clean mouth; simply prioritize your packing to include your favourite electronic devices.

Air Travel and Oral Hygiene

If you have a long journey ahead (even an epic road trip) ensure your toothbrush and floss is easily accessible. Use the restroom during your next stopover and make time to brush en route. Since plaque can turn into calculus or tartar within 4 to 24 hours; be proactive and continually remove this sticky grossness from your mouth after every meal.

Tartar is unable to be removed with brushing and flossing alone. Prevent it forming in the first place by maintaining healthy hygiene habits. If scaling is your least favourite aspect of your regular dental cleanings, kill the plaque as it forms! Incorporate your dental routine on the road by reserving a spot within your purse or carry-on luggage to house the necessities.


Pre-Planning Your Dental Exam

Our friendly and efficient team at True Dental can happily accommodate your travel plans with proper notice. We believe that conducting your dental exam prior to your vacation is an ideal way to address any concerns beforehand. Don’t trust your pearly whites to just anyone; especially in a foreign setting.

Minimize your chances of experiencing a dental emergency while you are away by ensuring your preventative maintenance is up to speed. Give yourself adequate time before departure in case any fillings or follow up is recommended. It’s also a good idea to check your travel insurance regarding the specifics of your medical and dental ahead of time.

Always Ensure You Brush Before Bedtime and Upon Waking, No Matter Where You Are!

Falling asleep after that last glass of wine, piece of fruit or dessert is a dangerous habit to get into. There is nothing sugar bugs love more than uninterrupted partying all night in your mouth! Save yourself from unnecessary tooth decay and monstrous morning breath by always making time to complete your oral care. It might be as simple as flossing while you watch that last show before bed. Send the kids to brush and floss during commercials or before story time snuggles if you need to jazz up your routine.

True Dental: We Are Passionate About Maximizing Your Oral Health

There is nothing we take more pride in at True Dental than helping our patients enjoy optimum oral health. Witnessing our patients making positive improvements in their oral care gets us really excited! It is never too late to improve your oral hygiene routine. Your smile was designed to last a lifetime. Let our compassionate and experienced staff help you realize a healthy and radiant mouth! Remember, your oral care directly influences the rest of your well-being. Call us today to schedule your next check-up. We can’t wait to see you and your family!