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24 Nov Tips for an A+ Check Up from True Dental in West Kelowna

Visiting the dentist is always a fun and informative experience at True Dental in West Kelowna. Our committed team cares about your oral health and well being. Having a healthy grin is more important than simply yearning for a perfect smile. Maximizing your dental visit is important to ensure you are in top oral health between checkups.

Share Your Concerns

We know it can be tricky to communicate once our lovely ladies begin removing calculus and examining your gum line! Prior to any work starting, be sure to let us know if you’ve been experiencing any sensitivity, bleeding gums, halitosis/ bad breath or any discomfort or pain. Understanding the root cause of any irritation will enable us to provide adequate solutions. If daily brushing and flossing with the kids seems to be an uphill battle, we are happy to provide you with some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of their oral care routine.

Update Your Medical History With Us

There are a variety of health issues that can dramatically affect your oral health. For example, if you have recently been diagnosed with diabetes, it’s vital to be extra proactive in your oral care routine. Studies show that diabetics dramatically increase their chances of experiencing periodontal disease. Our expert dental team at True Dental can offer you some solutions to help you manage and adjust accordingly.  If there are underlying health concerns that do affect the status of your oral health we may recommend seeing you every 3-4 months for oral hygiene appointments instead of every 6 months to stay proactive.

Grinding Your Teeth Perhaps?

West Kelowna Dentist | True Dental | Mouth Guard Protect From Teeth GrindingHave you been waking up with headaches lately? Does your jaw feel sore when you open widely to bite into an apple all of a sudden? Many clients have no idea they grind their teeth at night until their dental check up reveals smooth grooves along the surface of their teeth or exposed root surfaces. Clients often share that their spouse has mentioned mysterious grinding noises emulating from their side of the bed.

Bruxism left untreated can wreak havoc on your mouth and severely impact the longevity of your smile. Being fit for a custom night guard is as easy as taking some quick impressions. Investing in your smile with preventative maintenance is a positive way to protect the function and aesthetics of your grin. After all, you probably don’t hesitate to change your vehicle’s oil or install your snow tires each year. If more people treated their oral health as well as their vehicles; there would be a plethora of healthier and happier smiles in the world!

Try Dr. Don MacRae’s “Oreo Cookie Test!”

If you are sure you and the kids are brushing your teeth for the recommended 2 to 3 minutes each session and adequately flossing…try the Oreo cookie test and see for yourself! Simply ask your children to eat an Oreo cookie then have them go and brush and floss like normal. Visually inspect your child’s smile afterwards and see which grooves and regions are still overflowing with remanence of cookie. This is a great eye-opener for those who wish to double check their child’s technique or want to conduct a self-experiment too.

Follow the recommended brushing and flossing guidelines from the Canadian Dental Association to give your and your child’s smile the best chance! We may recommend using sealants as a preventative measure to help minimize the depth of your child’s grooves; this prevents decay from setting in.

True Dental Cares About You!

Everyone at True Dental in West Kelowna wants you to enjoy optimum oral health. Our exceptional team of dentists, hygienists and dental assistants want to ensure your smile is functional, healthy and simply gorgeous. The health and well-being of your mouth directly influences your entire body. Let us help you achieve the stellar smile you deserve. Our family friendly dental office is ideal for clients of every age. We look forward to seeing you and your loved ones soon! Book an appointment with our dentists at True Dental and experience a positive, educational and fun check up.

Come and see why we are one of the top dental offices in the Okanagan for yourself! Visit True Dental in West Kelowna.