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12 Dec True Dental: Breakfast Success or Sugar Spike

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day…You’ve heard it a million times. After sleeping for 8 to 10 to 12 hours, our body is in a fasting state. When you wake up and have breakfast you are actually “breaking your fast” hence the name “breakfast” of this morning meal. True Dental in West Kelowna wants you to enjoy some hearty, healthy options so that you can look and feel your very best and have something to smile about! Opting for something laden with hydrogenated oils, fat and sugar will only leave you feeling grouchy and unfocussed. Take a moment to think about what you like to order for breakfast at a restaurant and see how you can tweak those recipes at home.

Skipping Breakfast: A Metabolism and Energy No-No

Imagine your body being in a natural fasting state as you sleep only to prolong this process until mid-morning or lunch the next day by skipping breakfast. If this is your routine; ask yourself if you feel like you are in a mental fog during the first part of the day. How’s your memory and your concentration? Morning quizzes at school and work presentations may go much better if you enjoy a healthy breakfast first! The caring staff and dentists at True Dental want you to look and feel your very best every day. It can be easy to skip breakfast but this is a dangerous habit to get into. Try to have a piece of fruit or a whole grain bagel while you drive or while you are on the bus.
True Dental | West Kelowna Dentist | Healthy Breakfast Eggs Omlette
Make some hard boiled eggs the night before or snack on some crackers and cheese. A handful of almonds and raisins offers a quick, protein packed start to your day. Skipping this important meal on a regular basis can contribute to weight gain and lethargy. When we don’t eat on a regular basis, our body holds on to our calories and our metabolism slows down so that we don’t burn as much energy. Kick start your metabolism and your smile by having a nutritious and wholesome breakfast everyday.

Best Breakfast Options

Stable blood sugar breakfast foods are important to incorporate into your day including: eggs, oatmeal and whole grain options. Foods with a lower glycemic index will provide you with more energy and vitality and enable you to feel fuller longer. Avoid pastries, donuts and sugary cereals as they don’t satisfy and you will be hungry again before  recess or your first coffee break. Yogurt, cheese, nuts and even an apple are great choices. Pectin present in apples can help you stay full for up to 2 hours! Ensure your  breakfast foods are high in fibre and low in fat for the most energy and success.

Healthy Foods & Your Healthy Smile

True Dental | West Kelowna Dentist | Healthy Breakfast SmoothieTrue Dental in West Kelowna knows that your smile directly reflects how you feel. Start the day off perfectly enjoying a healthy omelette or delicious smoothie. Quick and easy recipes will easily transform your day. A blender, shaker cup or Magic Bullet type of apparatus can help you create a flavourful and nutritious shake that is easy to enjoy on the go. Don’t just pack your coffee cup…a full water bottle and your shake may be additional items to carry but you will have so much more morning energy that we promise you’ll be able to carry everything much better!

More Reasons to Smile

The devoted team at True Dental wants you to enjoy a healthy and radiant smile. Are you chewing on one side of your mouth lately? Did you recently crack or chip a tooth? Does your hot coffee make you wince in sensitivity pain each morning? If you have been dealing with some dental drama; we want to know! We are committed to helping you achieve the best smile you possibly can. Our family friendly dental clinic is perfect for every member of your family. Dental restorations, oral surgery, dental implants and aesthetic options such as tooth whitening are a breeze when you have a committed and focused team working on your behalf.

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