08 Sep Introducing Fastbraces®Turbo to West Kelowna!

Providing our clients with the latest technology to provide stellar results is part of our passion here at True Dental in West Kelowna! Fastbraces® Turbo offers a revolutionary new bracket design that became available recently in 2016. This exceptional option has been allowing our patients to rock their new smiles way sooner compared to traditional ortho options. See for yourself…

Check out these before photo’s that were taken on June 22nd 2016 from one of our favorite patients (did we mention we absolutely adore everyone we work with?!) Then compare to the recent shot below just taken on August 15! What a phenomenal difference in only 7 weeks! You will have plenty of reasons to smile when you incorporate Fastbraces® Turbo Technology into your orthodontic routine.



Straightening Teeth in 7 Visits? Did I Read that Right?

Imagine realizing your perfect smile in as little as seven visits or 120 days from the time you begin treatment! We are thrilled to share this awesome and affordable option with our ortho clients. Thanks to this innovative bracket design, we are able to see patients twice a month or every 15 days. Working double-time, Fastbraces® Turbo enables us to complete numerous ortho cases in a matter of weeks! Enjoy your healthy, straight smile in much less time than you originally anticipated.

Dr. Don MacRae: (aka the Tooth Ninja) and Master Affiliate of Fastbraces®

Dr. Don as his patients affectionately know him, along with the rest of the amazing crew at True Dental is thrilled to offer the latest, safest orthodontic options. Fastbraces® Turbo is an affordable and easy way to attain the smile you have always dreamed of. Enjoy your properly aligned bite and radiant smile for a lifetime with this superior option. We’d love to see you and help you determine if Fastbraces® Turbo is the best scenario for you. Book your consultation today and you will have even more reasons to celebrate over the upcoming holiday season!

Source: https://fastbraces.com/fastbraces_turbo

Why Are Fastbraces® Turbo So Speedy?

This breakthrough in bracket and wire design was invented to straighten teeth differently; resulting in exceptionally faster results. Patented triangular bracket systems offer a special elbow design and elevated slot to gently torque the teeth from day 1. A unique, heat-activated square wire works in conjunction with your natural body heat; enabling the root systems to immediately start their journey into their final positions. This harmonized system begins working simultaneously to move both the root and crown of your teeth from your very first appointment.

Traditional braces on the other hand, involve a 2-step process. The crown of the root moves first and the underlying roots move secondly; resulting in extended treatment times that often take years. Fastbraces® technology has revamped the entire process and this is why results can be attained in such a remarkable timeframe.

For the past two and a half decades, orthodontic patients from all around the globe have been successfully using Fastbraces® to successfully straighten their pearly whites. Isn’t it time you realized the brilliant smile you deserve?

Clear Bracket Fastbraces® Also Availablewest-kelowna-dentist-turbo-braces-orthodontics

Did we mention that Fastbraces® offers aesthetically pleasing Ceramic Clear brackets for a sleeker and less conspicuous option? If you or your child is putting off orthodontic treatment due to any appearance anxiety; we can help! Our compassionate team at True Dental in West Kelowna wants to make your ortho experience positive all the way around. Book your appointment today so that we can discuss all the options and address any of your concerns.

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We Love to See You Smile

Helping our clients transform their smiles and watching their confidence blossom is an absolutely amazing experience. Our highly distinguished team at True Dental knows the power behind a gorgeous grin. Health and happiness are directly related to your smile. Let our knowledgeable team assess your individual situation and provide you with all available options. We are here to help you have even more reasons to smile! Call us today at (778) 755-2577 and let’s get started! It IS possible to have the glowing grin you deserve this Fall! We are excited to see you soon to discuss the possibilities!