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10 Nov Why You Need to See a Dental Hygienist

Good oral health is not just about a bright smile—it’s about maintaining healthy teeth and gums. A dental hygienist plays a crucial role in preventing future teeth problems. Let’s dive into the reasons why visiting a dental hygienist is essential for your dental care routine.

What do Dental Hygienists Do?

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Dental hygienists are licensed oral health professionals who focus on preventing and treating oral diseases to protect teeth and gums and contribute to the overall health of their patients. Hygienists work alongside dentists to provide full oral health care. Having completed a dental hygiene program from a reputable institution like the Vancouver College of Dental Hygiene, your mouth is in good hands.


How Long Does it Take to Become a Dental Hygienist in Canada?

Becoming a dental hygienist in Canada requires dedication and commitment. It typically involves a two to three-year diploma program, with graduates entering a field filled with Dental hygiene jobs. Such programs are comprehensive, covering everything from patient care to advanced dental science.

Are Hygienists Worth It?

Dental hygienists are more than worth it. They offer teeth cleaning services which can prevent the need for more serious interventions like tooth fillings, root canals, or treatments for gum disease. Plus, the teeth cleaning cost can be a wise investment against future dental bills. Book in with our expert hygiene team at True Dental in Kelowna today!

How Long Does the Hygienist Take?

A typical appointment for a teeth cleaning treatment can last between 45 to 75 minutes, depending on the individual’s needs. During this session, hygienists remove plaque and tartar, which can lead to cavities and gum disease if left untreated. The clean can take a bit longer if you have serious teeth problems.

What to Expect After Dental Hygienist?

After a visit, you might experience tooth sensitivity after cleaning, but this is normal and usually temporary. Hygienists also provide valuable education on oral care to help you maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Why Do I Need to See a Hygienist?

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Seeing a dental hygienist regularly is crucial for several reasons:

1. Prevention of Oral Diseases: Routine cleanings can prevent problems like cavities and Gum Disease.

2. Early Detection: Hygienists can spot early signs of diseases like White Spot lesions or cavities.

3. Cost-Effective: Understanding how much is a teeth cleaning without insurance and investing in it can save you from costly procedures like root canals or fillings.

4. Professional Cleaning: A teeth cleaner can remove tartar that you can’t get rid of at home.

5. Education: They provide personalized advice on maintaining good dental care and managing conditions like dry mouth.

How Often Should You See a Dental Hygienist?

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The frequency of your visits to a dental hygienist largely depends on your individual oral health needs. However, the general recommendation is to schedule a professional teeth cleaning at least twice a year. These bi-annual visits are crucial for maintaining oral care and can help in preventing dental caries and gum disease.

For those with specific issues like tooth pain, tooth abscess, or a history of cavities, a dental hygienist might suggest more frequent appointments. Regular check-ups help identify and treat problems with your teeth and gums. These problems can include white spots or fillings. By addressing these issues quickly, you can keep your teeth and gums healthy.

In conclusion, dental hygienists are a vital part of your dental health team. Their expertise in hygiene, combined with the practical benefits of regular cleanings and education, underscores the value they bring to your oral and overall health. At True Dental, we have an expert team of Dental Hygienists, ready to care for your teeth. Book an appointment at the best dentist in Kelowna today!