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07 Jun Best of Kelowna 2017: Winner of the Silver Award in Dentistry

True Dental was Chosen as Best of Kelowna 2017’s Silver Dentistry Award!

Thank you to all of our fans that took time to vote for our dental practice! This means a lot to all of the staff here, and we are so proud to have such passionate and caring patients. We are always striving to improve, never complacent to accept the status quo, or avoid the recommendations we receive. Our patients see this every day, our office is alive and constantly changing to better meet our client’s wants. We all work hard to this end, and the sweat of our brow has paid off.

An Okanagan Dental Office Changing to Meet Your Requests

Last year, 2016, we received the Bronze award and honour. At that time, our practice had only been making a name for itself for three years – an impressive feat for a relatively new dental office. Now, one year later we are continuing to improve, grow, and develop our office to realize the potential of dentistry in the Okanagan. It takes a lot more than cleaning teeth and smiling as our patients walk in the door. Our offerings and superb staff keep clients coming back, and we listen wholeheartedly to any input we receive.

Thank you so much to everyone who voted for us! Next year let’s make the push for Gold, and let us know anyway we can improve to get there!

Reach out to our office with your support, questions or concerns on our contact page or by phone!