18 Aug Wisdom Teeth Out Before Back to School

Wisdom teeth can be tricky and often catch people off guard. One minute your mouth feels great and then suddenly an aching eruption is happening in the farthest recesses of your gums. It is common for these third and last molars to begin erupting between the ages of 17 to 25; even though they start forming and developing around age ten. Extreme moodiness, tenderness, discomfort and inflammation are hallmarks of these erupting gremlins.

Why do we have to go through all of this and what is the purpose of wisdom teeth anyway? Evolutionary biologists classify wisdom teeth as “vestigial organs,” body parts no longer utilized thanks to evolution. Our rough prehistoric diet is thought to have been responsible for wearing down our teeth much faster and humans may have once relied on their wisdom teeth for survival. Nowadays, most of us have them removed for a variety of reasons.


Common Issues Leading to Wisdom Teeth Removal

As they arrive so much later in life, (when you are so much older and wiser, hence their name) wisdom teeth can wreak havoc within your oral cavity. Your other adult teeth and molars have been comfortably situated in their secure positions for years. For the majority of us, there isn’t much space for one to four extra giant molars at the back of our mouths. Some lucky patients have more than four wisdom teeth; although this is quite rare.

There are fortunate patients who have wisdom teeth that never erupt, remain buried within the jaw and don’t cause problems. Conversely, some wisdom teeth remain below but cause a multitude of problems due to their size and position. While they may come in straight, it is more common for wisdom teeth to come in sideways, impacted or misaligned. This can put tremendous pressure on the surrounding molars and cause severe pain. The crowding often caused by newly erupted or partially erupted wisdom teeth can make brushing and flossing extremely difficult; contributing to tooth decay and gum disease. The following graphic illustrates how crooked or impacted wisdom teeth can detrimentally affect the neighbouring teeth, jawbone and surrounding nerves.


Having your wisdom teeth removed is a surgical procedure that is completed by one of our highly specialized and experienced oral surgeons. This oral surgery may be conducted under a general anaesthetic in hospital or at our True Dental clinic with Conscious Intravenous Sedation.

Our dedicated and professional team is happy to discuss the intricacies of your unique procedure beforehand. We firmly believe in educating our patients and addressing any of your concerns well before your extraction appointment. We want our patients to arrive relaxed and comfortable; knowing exactly what to expect. We discuss all important aftercare tips and send you home with the instructions you need and the warning signs to watch for in order to facilitate quick and easy recovery.

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Wisdom Teeth Removal Pre-Ortho

Our attentive team at True Dental is committed to providing you with a healthy, happy, radiant smile. Sometimes, we recommend having wisdom teeth removed prior to beginning orthodontic treatment in order to provide your existing teeth with as much room as possible for optimal alignment. This is much more feasible than going through braces only to have your wisdom teeth erupt years later; potentially making everything crooked again.

Summertime or School Holidays: An Ideal Time for Wisdom Teeth Removal

It is best to plan this oral surgery when you can be off work for a few days or away from school. Holidays are a popular time to organize your wisdom teeth removal. Swelling and bruising in the cheeks is common after these teeth are extracted. Some patients describe looking and feeling like a chipmunk for a few days! However, this is a completely normal part of the healing process. It is much more pleasant and comfortable to heal in private. Talking, chewing, eating and drinking can be tender and difficult immediately following oral surgery. While most patients are back to themselves within a few days, it’s definitely nice to plan on having some restful recuperation time at home.

Relax, You’re In Great Hands at True Dental

We understand that you may be apprehensive about your upcoming oral surgery. Ignoring the problem may lead to much worse dental consequences. Let our knowledgeable and supportive staff address any questions or concerns you have. We look forward to helping you have a functional and fabulous smile! Book your appointment today and let us help you take care of those pesky wisdom teeth once and for all!

Want to read a little more on what to expect? Health Link BC is a great source of information on pre and post care for wisdom teeth removal.