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15 Feb Wisdom Teeth Removal: FAQ

Wisdom teeth removal is a part of life for the majority of people. While getting wisdom teeth pulled out may seem overwhelming or scary, it doesn’t have to! Wisdom tooth extraction can be a relatively pain and anxiety free dental experience.  

Here at True Dental, we get many questions around the wisdom tooth extraction procedure and more. We’ve compiled a few of the top questions we receive, with answers from our amazing dental care team. Keep reading to learn more about wisdom teeth removal.  

If you have further questions that aren’t covered here, don’t hesitate to give our team a call! Our dental experts would be happy to advise you on a personal dental solution.  

What are wisdom teeth?  

First, let us cover the basics. What are wisdom teeth 

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth that erupt for many young adults between the ages of 17 and 25. Most people have four, but it’s common for some people to have three, four, two or even none.  

Wisdom teeth can be ‘impacted’, which means they fail to erupt (make it past the gum tissue) or erupt only part of the way. Because wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt, there often isn’t room left in the jaw for them to properly come in. Wisdom teeth may erupt at an angle. This can cause other teeth to move and shift – a painful experience!  

West-Kelowna-Dentists Wisdom Teeth Removal XRAY

How do I know if My Wisdom Teeth are Coming In?  

Chances are, if you’re experiencing pain or swelling in the back of your mouth and you’re between the ages of 17-25, your wisdom teeth may be erupting. Erupting wisdom teeth can also cause frequent headaches, jaw pain and even abnormal shifting of your front teeth.  

However, not everyone experiences these symptoms. If you’re between 17 and 25 years of age, we recommend coming in for a consultation to see if your wisdom teeth will need to be removed. Depending on the state and position of your wisdom teeth, getting them pulled can prevent further discomfort or possible complications later in life.  

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Wisdom Tooth Extraction Procedure: What to Expect  

Wisdom teeth removal is a necessary part of life for many people! Like most dental procedures, with the right tools, freezing agents or sedatives, it can be a pain and anxiety free procedure!  

It takes most people a few days to recover before they can resume most regular life activities like going to school or work. We recommend waiting to engage in any physical activity for as long as possible since it can increase the bleeding and even lead to dry socket 

It’s normal to have bruising and swelling around your jaw after surgery, however, this should heal and go away in a few days. One of the best parts of getting your wisdom teeth removed means eating all your favourite foods! Ice cream, milkshakes (without a straw) pancakes, scrambled eggs or any other soft foods are on the menu for a while until your mouth heals. 

Wisdom Teeth Removal at True Dental  

Here at True Dental, we love helping patients maintain and protect their smiles! If your wisdom teeth are coming in, it can be a pain. Literally. Even if you’re not experiencing the pain of erupting wisdom teeth, there’s a chance they could cause complications later in life.  

The best way to know for sure is booking an appointment to get your wisdom teeth checked out. Our dentists will be able to X-Ray your smile and see if you’ll need to get your wisdom teeth removed. Some people may only need lower or upper wisdom tooth extraction. The team at True would be happy to evaluate your smile and provide a personalized plan of action for you.  

Book your next appointment at True Dental to find out more about wisdom teeth removal.